In everything we do, we are committed to doing it responsibly and with respect to our customers, employees and fellow human beings.


We consider it our responsibility to nourish and develop today’s world but also future generations by taking this responsibility with all due seriousness.


Our business implements practices aimed at developing our community, our industry and society in general.


As a recognised supplier of premium quality dairy products, we are constantly promoting our country, our traditions and our culture.


In the context of our external Corporate and Social Responsibility practices, we actively seek to support local groups in enhancing their participation and development in society.


Some of the key actions that we undertake include financial and material support to older people living in care homes, our attempt to increase awareness in the field of infant care, but also support local youth soccer leagues. In addition, our company aims to help young people seeking education and careers in the cheese-making field.


Every decision we make is guided by the values of integrity, quality, passion and respect and it is with these same values that we will continue to operate.


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