It was in 1968 when the families of our founders, Andreas, Costas, Panayiotis and Theodoros Pantziaros, joined forces and started their first steps in the field of cattle breeding.

They started working with a few cows on a small farm at the edge of Mesaoria in the village of Athienou in Cyprus. Their aim was to produce cow milk and halloumi in small quantities for their own families and their fellow villagers’ daily needs.

They set forth with great energy and passion. Their hard work, their love for what they worked for and the excellent cooperation between them, led to a success that they had never dreamed of.


They learnt the art of cheese making in early 1978 and set up a small dairy workshop at Costa’s house - one of the brother associates - thus laying down the foundation stone for their successful journey.



 In 1981, with hard work and dedication, they established their first traditional dairy factory in Athienou at a different location. It was the first one in the village, producing cheese and other dairy products.

Committed to the tradition of both manufacturing and using traditional means and tools, they followed an upward trend by selling products to the domestic market. The quality of their products was always their main goal.

Whilst the dairy factory was put in operation, a new modern farm was built in the area (by the founders' families), so that they could meet the growing demand.


Pantziarou Brothers invested in modern technology, which combined with their experience in the cheese making industry and their dedication to quality and hygiene, resulted in substantial growth and success.

The vision of Pantziarou Brothers to keep traditions alive and produce quality dairy products was undertaken by their children Stylianos, Alexis, Chrysos, Maria and Evanthia, who joined the family business to continue the work that their fathers began.


The breakthrough came in 2006 when they moved to their current modern dairy factory. The business kept growing fast leading the way in the dairy sector. 

One of the most important strategic moves was to start expanding to world wide markets and introduce other foreign countries to the authentic taste of traditional Cypriot halloumi.

The range of products includes various types and sizes of halloumi, fresh and dried anari cheese as well as flaouna cheese. The flaouna cheese is a blend of cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk, prepared using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation.


2008- 2017

In June 2008, the business grew exponentially with a huge export of cheese products to the United Kingdom. Exports continue with the same momentum to the United Kingdom, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Greece and the distant Australia.

In 2017, the company created a new livestock farm in order to meet the continued growing demand for milk. Our company has progressively evolved to this day following the best practices in maintaining consistency, whilst also staying faithful and committed to the high quality milk production. 


The upward trend continued and the business announced in 2018 that a new state-of-the-art facility was under study. In 2020 the new factory and office premises were completed successfully, expanding the company’s production capabilities. 

Pantziarou Brothers Ltd, both founders and shareholders, have always provided the best for their faithful staff who work diligently and methodically at the company's premises, whilst also caring for their well-being and advancement. 


Our work begins early in the morning, picking up the fresh milk from our own cows as well as milk from other farms, including livestock such as sheep and goats. All partner farms have been selected on very strict criteria, and their milk production is also of the highest and best quality standards.

 Our company has been certified with the B.R.C Food Health and Safety Standards, showing our commitment and dedication to having the highest standards that we have set over time. The quality control of the raw material - the milk - is executed at our factory laboratory with state-of-the-art machinery, by specialised scientists, experienced technicians and people who love and devote themselves to their work.

We are always committed to ensuring that we provide our customers with a high quality product that follows and goes beyond the limits of proper nutrition.

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